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The Male Gaze

Nov 25, 2019

The O.G MG4 is back together again! Allen tells us all about his trip to New York, we discuss the true definition of "emotional labor", The Crown Season 3, Raising Cain's, global warming, one Elon Musk to rule us all, first jobs, and MORE!

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Nov 18, 2019

Filmmaker Ani Easton Baker joins Brodie, Zed, and Steve to dissect the battle over Taylor Swift's music, PayPal PULLING OUT of Porn Hub, the Popeye's Bodyslam Heard Around the World, Rodeo Burritos, Disney +, and of course, hardcore music:)

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Nov 11, 2019

The O.G MG4 are together again!!! This week, the guys talk about the Hollywood Assistant's Revolt, Allen's Vasectomy, A Christian comedian falls by the wayside. Keanu, and Internet Crushes!!!!

Nov 4, 2019

Allen got his vasectomy this week, so we had the amazing VANESSA GONZALEZ (Comedy Central Half Hour) on to help us navigate this week in news!!! We cover the resignation of Katie Hill, Hannibal Buress being a shitty landlord, gender reveal party death, Parasite, anime, and of course, polyamory:)